Stacker crane with regenerative supply unit

The stacker crane with regenerative supply unit application solution for maximum energy efficiency: specially developed for minimum energy consumption in pallet warehouses.

Minimize the energy consumption in your systems

Energy-efficient stacker crane with regenerative supply unit variant
Energy-saving solutions for maximum energy efficiency

The MOVI-PLC® multi-motion controller in the Configurable Control Unit (CCU) variant is integrated into the MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter. It coordinates the energy-optimized control of all the drives while complying with the maximum number of double cycles.

The innovative "Energy-efficient SRS" software module optimizes the travel cycles of the lifting and travel drives. In addition, the regenerative power supply module returns the released energy back to the system during braking and downward movements. This allows you to reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%.

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Your benefits

  • High-performance drive technology

    with many options.
  • Simple to start up

    via predefined application software
  • Optimize systems

    with our synchronous motors
  • Improve processes

    since our sophisticated application solutions provide you with many options and solutions
  • Optimize travel cycles

    with the innovative energy-efficient SRS software module


AC motors in the DR.. series

IE1 to IE4 motors: efficient, powerful and usable worldwide

DR.. series AC motors for the MAXOLUTION® stacker crane with regenerative supply unit
  • Compact design saves space and cuts costs
  • Extensive gear unit portfolio for all needs
  • Large selection of a variety of brake sizes
  • Up to three brake sizes for each motor size available
  • Motor has fully integrated built-in encoder
  • Modular IEC system

MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter

Many solution options thanks to the unit's on-board technology

  • Ethernet TCP/IP, USB, data storage, axis parameters
  • Automatic data re-load after replacement, double-CAT
  • Integrated functions save time during motion control tasks
  • The module concept can be easily expanded to include additional axes
  • Maximum dynamic response and control qualities for highly dynamic tasks
  • Requires little installation space – enables integral, simple convection cooling and high power density (250% overload capacity)

MOVIAXIS® master module with MOVI‑PLC®

Application startup is simple and easy with parameterization

  • Straightforward configuration of the application modules
  • Minimizes potential error sources for faster startup
  • Fewer programming tasks
  • Functionality adapted to the relevant application
  • Integrated diagnostics ensure fast, simple maintenance

CMP series synchronous servo gearmotors

Compact, accurate, and dynamic

  • Motors with overload capacity and up to 4.75 times the standstill torque
  • Motors with low mass moment of inertia
  • Maximum dynamics in the CMP series
  • High quality of concentric running characteristics
  • Additional rotor inertia with the CMP variant for high load moments of inertia
  • SEW‑EURODRIVE gear portfolio can be selected
  • Quiet at all speeds: between 55 dBA and 75 dBA
  • Direct mounting of planetary servo or helical-bevel servo drives
  • Compact, power density design

Energy-efficient stacker crane software module

Parameterize instead of programming via perfectly matched software modules

The software module used is optimally adapted to the components used and the required functionality. Using the standardized application modules, you significantly reduce the time required for programming and startup. You can also extend the package by up to three auxiliary drives and parameterize them easily using the software module.

The innovative “Energy-efficient SRS” software module coordinates and optimizes the travel cycles of the lifting and travel drives, reducing energy consumption by up to 25%. To move the axes, use the software modules available in MOVI‑PLC®, such as the cam positioning and energy-saving modules. The system is controlled directly by MOVI‑PLC®. You can control additional axes using the PLC with setpoint selections in transparent mode. Our application solution for stacker cranes makes it possible for you to adjust the concept to fit your needs.

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Experience in motion: How we optimize your processes with our concepts.
Intelligent logistics processes

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Experience in motion: How we optimize your processes with our concepts.

Intelligent logistics processes

Experience in motion: How we optimize your processes with our MAXOLUTION® concepts.


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