Press shops in the automotive industry

  • Press shop in the automotive industry

    Press shops

    From steel strips to the car body – this process must be perfectly designed and must run seamlessly.

Seamless coordination between all drive components is vital for productivity in the press shop. With our drive technology and automation solutions, your systems will be fully and reliably connected.

Your benefits

  • Competitive advantage

    Through high process reliability with our innovative, safe and fully linked concepts and products
  • Increase productivity

    Thanks to optimum communication between all automated components, from the controller and drives to the monitoring system

Our solutions for press shops

Stationary materials handling technology

Materials handling technology plays a very important role in automobile production. In addition to a modular structure, a reduced number of variants is the most important factor in terms of increasing flexibility and minimizing costs. With our MAXOLUTION® packages, you can considerably reduce both the complexity of your system and your installation costs. Our drive technology and expert knowledge ensures maximum productivity, energy efficiency and reliability for your systems. Our advisors work with you to develop designs tailored precisely to your requirements.

Our solutions to your requirements

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