Package for FFS machines

Benefit from the optimum lifting solutions with our package for FFS machines.

Efficient system implementation thanks to predefined functions

Package for FFS Machines
Efficient system implementation with the package for FFS machine
Efficient system implementation with the package for FFS machine

The special added value provided by our package for FFS machines allows you to plan your system more cost-effectively and efficiently. The design and mounting position of FFS machines differ based on the products to be packaged. You must therefore adjust each plant accordingly. With our package solution, we can seamlessly adjust your plant to the necessary standards and thus increase your efficiency.

Optimize the performance of your plant by enhancing each individual variant with scalable axes.

The predefined package variants for the FFS machine make it easy for you to select the right components for your optimum solution. You can arrange the available software modules in customized bundles. This allows you to focus on the more distinctive elements of the plant instead of the basics.

Your benefits

  • Easier planning

    through predefined concepts.
  • Standardization

    makes it easier to find the optimum drive solution.
  • Savings

    for programming thanks to practical modules.
  • User-friendly

    thanks to an optimum user interface.
  • Maximum dynamics

    due to a finely tuned servo portfolio with a high level of control quality.

Predefined variants for the perfectly tailored solution

FFS machine for horizontal applications

For plant engineering, our package for FFS machines for horizontal applications helps you to design and implement the core functions for your FFS machine.

The variant uses the proven MOVIDRIVE® servo controller to control the dynamic servo drives. The MOVI-PLC® motion and logic controller takes control of coordinating the whole range of functions. This variant is designed for medium to high level dynamic response.

FFS machine for dynamic applications

Our package for FFS machines is designed to meet maximum requirements. Its variant for dynamic applications helps you with the project planning and conceptual design of the core functions for highly dynamic FFS machines during plant engineering.

The standard integrated MOVI-PLC® controller coordinates axes for transverse sealers, longitudinal sealers and product carriers. With maximum dynamic response and control quality, it coordinates the three servo drives. Our modular MultiMotion packaging machine software concept also provides you with the flexibility to enhance the scope of functions.

Distinguishing features of the FFS machine

FFS machines basically perform the same functions in all industries and applications. The differences are in the mounting position and design. Predefined variants make it easier to select the right components for an optimum solution.

Close table
Medium dynamics
High dynamics
Cycles/minute <100 >100
Controller response time
Very high
At least half response time
Accuracy/controllability Medium Very high
Economic efficiency For small systems with a maximum of 3 axes and lower power ratings For complex systems and high power ratings
Overload capacity ≥ (150%) ≥ (250%)
Drive technology Synchronous technology Synchronous technology
SEW‑EURODRIVE product series

CMP servomotors
Standard or servo gearmotors
CMP servomotors
Servo gear units
System structure Single-axis system Multi-axis system
Energy efficiency Synchronous motors Synchronous motors and DC link connection
Fieldbus interface
DeviceNet, ProfiNet,
Ethernet / Ethernet/IP,
Modbus TCP
DeviceNet, ProfiNet,
Ethernet / Ethernet/IP,
Modbus TCP, EtherCAT
System bus SBus (CAN) EtherCAT (XFE24A option)
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