DRL.. series asynchronous servomotors

The link between the classical AC asynchronous motors for supply system/inverter operation and the highly dynamic synchronous servomotors with permanent magnets.

High rated torques and suitable for high loads

Asynchronous servomotor DRL..
Asynchronous servomotor DRL.. series
Asynchronous servomotor DRL.. series

DRL.. asynchronous servomotors are particularly suitable when high external mass moments of inertia in relation to the motor shaft have to be controlled in a reliable manner. The design and dimensioning are of such a high quality that dynamic overload values of currently up to 350% can be reached for a short time. The overload capacity is divided into two dynamics packages.

The DRL.. series also has the required torque. With its four speed classes and a high-resolution sine/cosine encoder, a high speed quality is achieved – even at low speeds.

Our asynchronous servomotor also allows you to benefit from many additional features of the modular motor system of the DR.. series.

Only half the solution without a gear unit? Then use our modular concept and combine the DRL.. series asynchronous servomotors with a servo gear unit to obtain the servo gearmotor of your choice. Or simply choose the separate servo gear unit that meets your requirements.

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Your benefits

  • Reliable control

    as a load of up to 3 to 4 times the nominal motor torque in relation to the motor shaft can be achieved.
  • High speed quality

    in one servo gearmotor by means of a compact unit comprising gear unit and robust asynchronous servomotor.
  • High accuracy

    by reducing the circumferential backlash in conjunction with high efficiency and high-endurance gearing.


Technical data

DRL.. series

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Nominal torque
Speed class
2.7 – 325 1200 4.9 – 4330
2.7 – 315 1700 4.9 – 4330
2.6 – 300 2100 4.9 – 4330
2.5 – 250 3000 4.9 – 4330
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Dynamics packages

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Dynamics package 1 Dynamics package 2
~ 200 Mdyn / MN: for mounting to gear units with normal pinion shaft ends ~ 300 Mdyn / MN: for mounting to gear units with reinforced pinion shaft ends
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Additional features

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AC motor of the DRL.. series
Size 71, 80, 90, 100, 112, 132, 160, 180, 200, 225
Mounting position S, M, L, MC, LC
Number of poles 4
Output options
Output options /FI, /FF, /FT, /FL, /FG, /FM, /FE, /FY, /FC
Mechanical attachments
Brakes BE05, BE1, BE2, BE5, BE11, BE20, BE30, BE32, BE60, BE62
Manual brake release HF, HR
Backstop /RS
Temperature sensor / temperature detection
Thermal motor protection /TF, /TH
Temperature detection /KT, /PT
Built-in encoder /EI7C, /EI76, /EI72, /EI71
Add-on encoder DR71-132 /ES7S, /ES7R, /ES7C, /AS7W, /AS7Y, /EV7., /AV7., /XV.., /XH..
Add-on encoder DR160-225 /EG7S, /EG7R, /EG7C, /AG7W, /AG7Y, /EV7., /AV7., /XV.., /XH..
Mounting adapter /ES7A, /EG7A, /XV.A, /XH.A
Connection alternatives
Connection alternatives /IS, /ISU, /AB.., /AC.., /AD.., /AK.., /AM.., /AS.., /KCC, /KC1, /IV
Fan guard /C, /LF
Fan /AL
Forced cooling fan /V
Additional options
Condition monitoring /DUB
2nd shaft end /2W
Reinforced winding insulation /RI
Condensation drain hole /DH
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Areas of application

  • Gantry order picking robots
  • Travel axes in palletizers
  • Winding drives and cutter drums
  • Lifting axes in gantries
  • Conveyor applications

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