MOVIMOT® standard inverter

For field operation: MOVIMOT®, the digital frequency inverter with a power range of 0.37 to 4.0 kW. Flexible application thanks to IP54 degree of protection, also optionally available in IP55, IP65 or IP66.

Standard inverter directly mounted on the motor or for mounting close to the motor

MOVIMOT® standard inverters
MOVIMOT® standard inverters
MOVIMOT® standard inverters

Standard inverters for direct mounting on the motor. Thanks to our modular concept, the MOVIMOT® D series can be combined as standard with our DR.. series AC motors with different levels of efficiency.

Mounting close to the motor is also possible. There are different diagnostics options available. A 3 color LED signalizes operating and fault states. The inverter is equipped with a diagnostic interface, an RS-485 serial interface and much more. Our frequency inverter is flexibly available with a connection voltage of 200 V to 240 V or 380 V to 500 V.

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Your benefits

  • Fast installation

    The pluggable motor connection enables fast replacement during servicing.
  • Simple startup

    Manually settable setting setpoints.
  • Reliable design

    Additional mechanical protection not necessary thanks to the robust solid metal housing. Permanent IP protection of the electronics.
  • Well-conceived communication

    Through standardized fieldbus interfaces with all commercially available bus systems.
  • Durable electronics

    Optimized, motor-independent cooling for use in a speed range of 300 rpm to 3000 rpm.
  • Flexible installation

    With field distributors, rational connection of fieldbus and sensors. Directly on the motor or separately next to the drive.


  • Vector-oriented motor control
  • Full motor protection
  • Brake management
  • Ambient temperature from –30 °C or –20 °C to +40 °C
  • Control via binary signals: Inputs for CW/stop, CCW/stop, setpoint changeover, isolated signal relay, fixed setpoints, ramps for acceleration and deceleration
  • Control via fieldbus communication, with and without minicontrollers:
    • PROFIsafe
    • DeviceNETTM
    • CANopen
    • AS-Interface
    • SBUSPLUS/EtherCAT®
  • Startup modes: easy, expert, central via PLC
  • Use in stand-alone applications. In combination with the options:
    • MLU..A: Local DC 24 V supply
    • MLG.1A: Local setpoint adjuster with DC 24 V supply
    • MBG11A: Setpoint adjuster for setting and displaying the setpoint frequency
    • MWA21A: Setpoint converter for interfacing analog setpoints (0 to 10 V, 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA) to RS-485
  • Use in decentralized installation in combination with field distributors:
    • MF.../Z.3.
    • MF.../Z.6.
    • MF.../.../Z.7.
    • MF.../.../Z.8.
  • 3 color LED signalizes operating and fault states
  • Approval: IEC or cULus

Technical data

MOVIMOT® standard inverter

Close table
Nominal speed
Connection Power
280 to 1400 (1700)
300 – 1500

3 x 380 – 500
Star 0.37 – 4.0
0.37 – 4.0
290 – 2900
300 – 2610

3 x 380 – 500
Delta 0.55 – 4.0
0.37 – 4.0
280 – 1700 3 x 200 – 240 Star-star 0.37 – 2.2
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Areas of application

  • Automobile production
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Airport logistics

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